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Add ASL to your website

Creating an accessible website starts with ASL.

Even though ASL is the language of the Deaf, it is not the language of the world. Being deaf prevents a person from having full access to information that is readily available to hearing people and is taken for granted by hearing individuals. This deprivation of information has a significant impact on self-confidence and self-concept that comes from being more knowledgeable about self and others (Carver, R., 1993).

Most websites and digital platforms are in English format. It's in a language that's not always easily understood by deaf people who are native ASL signers.   Deaf people do rely on ASL as their only language to "read" websites. To be able to understand the content on websites requires ASL translation. With Access Vine's translation services added to your website, you are making the website accessible and "deaf-friendly".  The ultimate goal is to enhance communication so everyone can use your services with ease. 

According to, "Access to websites and digital platforms is essential for employment, education, and independent living. That’s why in many instances, digital accessibility is a legal requirement."

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